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Residential Pest Control Services

Pests in your home are annoying, potentially embarrassing, and can create an unsafe environment for your family. They may also cause damage resulting in costly repairs. Just knowing that your home is infested is enough to keep you awake at night.

Rattlesnake Exterminating is State Certified through Game and Fish to relocate rodents, badger, skunks, raccoons, bats and various other species; experts at bating, trapping and removing.  We have a guarantee on all mice, rodent, insect and pest control services.  We use rodent stations, live traps, and stick traps to properly handle and remove rodents.
Now you can rest assured that we will take care of your home!
Rattlesnake Exterminating uses state-of-the art technologies to eliminate and manage your pest problems. We use a combination of chemical and non-chemical treatments to provide you with a fast and efficient solution to your pest issue. We will restore your home to the way it should be: pest free!
Rattlesnake is licensed and insured. Both management and service personnel are knowledgeable and informed about the latest pest control techniques. Our staff strives to provide outstanding service and remain a leader in pest control management.
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